Retail Heating

Retail Heating Systems.

When heating any retail premises there are 3 main considerations.

  • Space - Space within any retail building can be extremely limited and suspended heaters would ordinarily be utilised.
  • Aesthetics - First impressions count and any equipment installed into a shop would need to be aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Comfort - The most important factor is the comfort of your staff and customers.
Combat HVAC Limited can supply a wide range of commercial heaters suitable for retail premises. We can supply systems that are suspended or installed from the ceiling to preserve valuable floor space.  


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Cabinet Warm Air Heater

Combat Free Standing Warm Air Cabinet Heaters are ideal for the purpose of industrial heating, in particular, warehouse applications. These are available in a wide range of outputs, available in fuels including natural gas, LPG, oil and bio-fuels.

Combat NRG Controller

This Energy Saving Control varies the heating start-up time. In other words, this ensures that the building reaches the required temperature precisely at the beginning of every programmed “on” period.

Combat CTU Warm Air Heaters

Combat Suspended Warm Air Heaters are a versatile range of industrial heating equipment. This is because of the wide range of outputs that are available. In addition to various installation options, these units are suspended from the ceiling or alternatively wall mounted with brackets instead.

ECO Condensing Unit Heater

The ECO range is the smallest condensing Warm Air Heater available on the market. Boasting a breadth of only 645mm on all units with heights ranging from 690mm to 845 mm.

Energy Saving HVE Fans

Combat Energy saving HVE fans are the ideal solution to save on your buildings energy. They work by returning the heat that rises back down to the ground level. Heating systems coupled with ESF these are seen in high bay applications such as churches and warehouses with high ceilings.