Classic Cars, New Heaters

Classic Cars, New Heaters

Project: Classic Motor Cars Bridgenorth

Equipment: Four (4) COMBAT® CTUA 60

Two (2) COMBAT® CTUA40

Six (6) COMBAT® HVE Fans

Contractor: Heaters Wholesale


Classic Motors Cars has just opened their new 40,000 sqft premises in Bridgenorth, Shropshire. The new facility costing £500,000 was designed for restoration and sale of classic, high end motor vehicles. The design of the equipment was to achieve the highest efficiency levels possible, as well as provide them with an aesthetically pleasing system. Due to the sophisticated design of the vehicles, it was also important that the equipment mirrored that style. Heaters Wholesale used COMBAT® CTUA range of suspended warm air equipment consisting of two COMBAT® CTUA 60 in the body shop, two COMBAT® CTUA 60 in the trim area and two COMBAT® CTUA 40 in the customer showroom. The sleek, white design of the unit heater complimented the immaculate décor of the new building.  In order to achieve higher levels of efficiency, the design included six COMBAT® HVE fans.