Commercial heating: Radiant Heaters vs Warm Air Heaters

Commercial heating: Radiant Heaters vs Warm Air Heaters

The bottom line is that commercial heating systems need to be efficient in order to save businesses money. Choosing the right type of commercial heater is critical and the correct choice is often dictated by the type of building and its uses.


Commercial properties are typically heated by either a radiant heating system or by warm air heaters. Here we take a look at radiant heaters vs warm air heaters, in order to offer an initial insight into how these technologies work.


Radiant heating system


A radiant heating system uses infrared radiant heaters in an efficient manner. When in use, the heat radiates through the commercial space, quickly heating up people and other objects. The way that this works is much like the way that the sun works:


The sun radiates heat through space, passing through the earth’s atmosphere, to finally heat the earth’s surface and the people that are stood upon it. Even when the air temperature remains low, people are instantly warmed as they move out of the shade and into the sunlight.


When people and objects are warmed by a radiant heater inside a building space, they themselves then become secondary heaters. As this happens the people and objects such as the floor, begin to raise the temperature of the air in the commercial property.


A radiant heating system comes into its own in commercial spaces that are often subject to burst of cold air rushing in. This could be caused by the opening of pedestrian doors or loading bays.


Radiant heating systems work well under these conditions because, while the air temperature may drop, the people and objects are still warmed by the radiant heater. This also means that as soon as the doors or loading bays are closed, the air temperature in the commercial space quickly warms.


This is in stark contrast to spaces heated by warm air heaters. Under this scenario, all of the heat is held in the air, which is lost and then needs to be completely warmed again, taking both time and money.


There are however commercial spaces that should be heated by warm air heaters:


Warm air heaters


Warm air heaters, often referred to as Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC), are a common modern replacement for less efficient water heating systems. They are popular in certain types of public buildings and commercial properties, due to their efficiency. This efficiency means that over the long term, their initial investment is paid back.


Warm air heaters are fuelled by a variety of fuels, such as bio-fuels, LPG, oil or natural gas. The warm air heater works by pulling in the cold air that’s inside the commercial building. This cold air passes over a heat exchanger and is then pushed back into the commercial space by a fan.


Warm air heaters are versatile as they can be supplied in the form of free standing units or suspended units. They are often chosen for buildings that require less heating or when space is minimal. This includes commercial properties that are well insulated and not subject to drafts.


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