How to efficiently heat your Warehouse

How to efficiently heat your Warehouse

There are many elements to consider when looking into how to efficiently heat your warehouse. We can begin this journey by understanding and reviewing the following:

1. The warehouse ceiling

The warehouse ceiling is one of the places where heat can escape. To tackle this area of heat loss, roof insulation may be fitted. There is also another tool in the arsenal against heat loss that you may not be aware of. Energy saving HVE fans can be fitted at ceiling level and these redirect the rising heat back downwards, towards the working level of the warehouse.

2. Warehouse doors

It is needless to say that whenever practical, warehouse doors and pedestrian doors should be kept closed. However, this isn’t always possible, especially in warehouses that have a heavy throughput of goods. The best way to efficiently heat this type of warehouse is through radiant heaters, as opposed to warm air heaters. Radiant heaters are energy efficient warehouse heaters that warm people and objects, such as the floor. When warehouse doors are opened, the radiant heaters continue to keep people warm. As soon as the warehouse doors are closed, heat reservoirs like the floor, which have absorbed the radiant hear, quickly reheat the air.

3. Control

All warehouse heating systems should be intelligently controlled, to ensure efficiency. Controllers like the Combat NRG Controller can be used to control the heat output in individual zones. They can also be linked together to form a network. The HVAC control can be locked to prevent unauthorised users from manually adjusting the temperature. These controllers can also work intelligently to ensure that the desired warehouse temperature is reached, just before a work shift begins.

Combat ECO Condensing Unit Heaters

The Combat ECO Condensing Unit Heaters are one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly warehouse heaters. The Premix Burner is controlled and managed by a computerised electronic board, which continuously regulates the output.

Size can be an issue in some warehouses but the Combat ECO Condensing heater is the smallest condensing heater available on the market. We have achieved this by using the latest tube and drum technology, in conjunction with a stainless steel heat exchanger.

This heater will efficiently heat your warehouse and reduce the thermal stratification of lost heat through the warehouse roof.

Compared to non-condensing units, fuel savings of between 35% – 50% can be achieved. In addition to saving money on warehouse heating, these energy efficient warehouse heaters reduce greenhouse effects, through their low fuel consumption.

To find out more about how to efficiently heat your warehouse or for more information on the Combat ECO Condensing Unit Heaters, please fill out our online contact form.