Energy Saving Tips For Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Energy Saving Tips For Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Nobody likes to lose money, especially since the credit crunch a decade ago. Everyone is now much more savvy and prepared to seek out the most cost-effective deals on everything from food and energy bills to clothing and broadband packages.

Another thing that nobody wants to lose is the planet. Everyone wants to do their bit for the environment to ensure that Earth will still be a hospitable place for their children, grandchildren and for future generations.

Well, here are a few tips on how you can combine saving money and caring for the environment.

Heating systems

Whether you are looking at warm air heating or radiant heating systems, our range of products are designed to the highest standards. With our NRG Controller you can programme your heating to come on at a specific time, heat only occupied areas and switch off when the building is not in use.

You must also consider your type of building. If you run a business that needs access through doors frequently during the day then radiant heating would be your ideal choice. But if you have a building that needs a constant flow of warm air then a warm air heater may be the best solution.


If you are looking to save cash and do your bit for the planet then this is arguably the easiest part that anyone can do. There are now a wide range of energy-saving light bulbs to choose from and they can last for many, many years. They have come down in price significantly since they were first introduced, are available in a range of styles and, if you prefer, also a variety of colours.

But it’s not just light bulbs that you can change. You can also change your habits. Instead of leaving lights on all day and night you can start turning them off when you leave a room. Or you can rely on technology to do that for you by installing time-sensitive lights that turn themselves off after a set period of time.


In many buildings, draughts account for up to 10% of heat loss. Making sure your building is properly insulated will ensure you don’t lose heat and money through your roof and walls. Invest in the best draughtproofing, roof insulation, solid wall and cavity wall installations and you will make the most of your heat.

Renewable energy

If your property is in a prime location you could take advantage of solar energy or even wind power. Like energy-saving light bulbs, the cost of installing solar panels has come down considerably. Depending on your type of building, installation may cost in the region of £5,000 to £8,000. Over the course of a few years that may end up beneficial.

If you are looking to save money and be more energy efficient then give one of our sales team a call on 0121 506 7700.