Garden centre heating: From cafe to greenhouse

Garden centre heating: From cafe to greenhouse

Garden centre heating is unique because few businesses have such a variety of space to heat. A typical garden centre will have a shop, where gardening products and tools are on display, a variety of greenhouses where plants are brought on and are protected from the frost and a cafe for visitors.

This means that a garden centre heating solution is rarely an off the shelf solution. It may comprise of both warm air heaters and radiant heaters, so let us take a look at where to use each:

Where to use warm air heaters

Warm air heaters are best used in enclosed spaces, within the garden centre. These enclosed areas include the visitor cafeteria and the garden centre shop. Warm air heaters can be ducted to ensure an even temperature and distribution.

A warm air heater in a garden centre can be wall or ceiling mounted, which is particularly useful when floor space is restricted. If the enclosed space is often reconfigured, then a floor standing warm air cabinet heater can be chosen and relocated as needed.

Where to use radiant heaters

Radiant heaters work well in partially enclosed spaces, where the outside air freely flows through the space. It would be impractical and costly to try and heat this airflow and instead radiant heat can be used to keep customers warm, as they peruse through the plants that are housed in greenhouses.

Radiant heat works in these partially open garden centre spaces, because it heats objects and people, and not the air itself. It is very much like walking out of the shade and into the warmth of the sunlight, when you have a radiant heater in use.

The placement of radiant heaters in a greenhouse needs careful consideration. They should not be placed directly above plants that are sensitive to heat and because radiant heat can be blocked, the future growth of plants may need to be considered.

Energy saving HVE fans

Energy saving HVE fans are a valuable addition for garden centre greenhouses. Most often made of glass, the greenhouse roof is a poor insulator and most of the heat that has been created, is lost here. With a energy saving HVE fan installed, the rising heat is redirected downwards, keeping customers and plants warm, while stopping heat from escaping out of the greenhouse roof.

Also suited to any other garden centre building that has a high ceiling, the Combat Energy saving HVE fan can reduce running costs and create savings of up to 20%. Energy saving fans also offer a secondary benefit, in that they can assist in extending the life of the garden centre heating equipment.

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