Garden Centres Are Feeling The Heat – But How?

Garden Centres Are Feeling The Heat – But How?

Are you planning a trip to the garden centre this weekend? You won’t be alone as thousands of Britons visit their favourite source of shrubs and flowers every day.

Visitors to garden centres tend to spend a good few hours there. And it’s easy to see why. You can look at the latest produce for the garden, scan the store for gifts, check out a selection of animals and then sit back and relax with a nice cuppa and slice of cake in the café. It is a day out for some people.

But because garden centres are so vast, heating them can be a complex task. So how do you ensure the plants thrive in their optimum temperature while customers also remain comfortable? With a mixture of heating solutions, that’s how.

For the outside area we would definitely recommend radiant heating. That tends to be the most popular choice when considering how to warm areas like garden centres or warehouses. The biggest selling point of radiant heating is the fact that it heats objects and people, not the air itself, so you can keep certain plants cool while ensuring the customers stay warm.

However, the location of radiant heaters is crucial. Place them above temperature-sensitive plants and the heat could destroy them. Have them somewhere that can block the heat and you risk killing the plants with the cold. So zoning is hugely important.

Some Britons are sceptical over radiant heating as they hear the word radiation and wrongly assume that it is something to avoid. In fact radiant heating is 100% safe and is gaining popularity with consumers.

But for the indoor sections we would suggest using warm air heating. When dealing with enclosed areas you want to maintain an even temperature throughout the building. Warm air heating systems come in suspended or floor standing varieties, making them a versatile choice for industrial and commercial premises.

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