Good News Travels Fast

Good News Travels Fast

…and so do our heaters

People say that “good news travels fast”. With that in mind, this is one rumour that Combat HVAC Ltd will not mind spreading

As the winter is fast approaching, with business owners realising that the great British summer is over, you may find yourself booked up throughout the winter for breakdowns and installations. When it’s a race against the clock and the customers want the installation yesterday, there is no time to waste.

With many years of possible neglect due to prioritisation during the economic downturn, this winter is set to be a busy one. Stocked-Up

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

That’s why Combat HVAC Ltd are pleased to announce that due to popular demand we have increased our stock levels, in order to accommodate the demands that face us during the winter months.

Combat climate change

It’s not just the speed that customers will be looking for this winter, as energy efficiency also plays a large part in the decision-making process.

This is because, since 1953 Charles David Keeling began recording the effects that carbon dioxide had on the earths’ atmosphere with results that contained evidence that the use of fossil fuels did, in fact, have a key impact on the climate change.

The Result?

The government introducing the Climate Change Act 2008. Amongst many others, one section of the legislation includes that the use of equipment that utilises fossil fuels are to decrease the emissions transferred into the atmosphere to 80% lower emissions than recorded in 1990. With heating using a large percentage of the company annual energy usage, this would be a good place to start making changes

A good head and a good heart is a formidable combination- Nelson Mandela
Sometimes, there are things that just go together, such as salt and pepper, bacon and eggs or more importantly the brain and the heart, both are primary organs, which work in unison to keep us alive. One cannot work without the other.

These are the words that spring to mind when the joining of 2 well-established brands came together to create a more environmentally friendly heater.

The relationship between Ecoflam and Combat began in 2002 when both groups came together and decided to try changing the burners on the cabinet heaters. From then several Combat cabinet heaters were sent to Ecoflams’ Italian laboratories to be tested. It was then discovered that one of the burners matched the cabinet heaters which then forewent vigorous testing which was witness tested by Gastech Italy.

It was then that Combat and Ecoflam, joined forces to create the MGB and MOB range of cabinet heaters. This heater features the “burner with the brain” which hosts a full diagnostic control box that allows improvement of interfacing with the service personnel, with the option of including a simple plug in reader, that provides real-time information and in easy to read pictograms, and with the lowest recorded NOx values, class three on a gas fired cabinet heater this was branded the “heater with the heart” because of the reduction on the environmental impact. This heater also includes a high-efficiency fan ventilation system (HPV) across the entire range of cabinet heaters, achieving 50%+ better fan performance than older technology that is being used within the industry.
With the environment in mind, it has been made available that the burners are adaptable for the use of Biofuels.

Ecoflam UK operations manager Mark Bingley has stated “it is with our combined foresight that we have achieved tomorrow’s technology today, taking Combat HVAC Ltd to the forefront of the air heater market.
To achieve the highest classification of Low NOx By using the standard high ventilation max burner not only does this mean competitive pricing, but clean problem free running and allowing Combat to offer more stringent flue options that were not previously offered within the market before today.

The Flue which can be fitted horizontally hosts a range of benefits that range from cheaper installations due to the reduction in cost for access equipment and a reduction of flue lengths required as the heaters can now be installed into areas that were previously unavailable. It also has reduced the health and safety risk, as the flue no longer needs to be fitted through the roof reducing the need to work at heights.

So spread the good news

With high volumes of spares ready for collection or delivery, cabinet, unit and radiant tube heaters available in stock, commissioning conducted by our safe contractor accredited personnel and dedicated customer service team Combat are ready for your enquiries this winter