Be cool at work and avoid debates over the heat

Be cool at work and avoid debates over the heat

There are a number of issues that divide men and women. What to watch on telly, who’s the better driver and who truly deserves that long lie-in at the weekend? They are the topics that feature highly in the list of marital and work-based conflicts around the world. However, the issue at the top of that list – by a country mile – has to be the emotive debate of room temperature.

The battle to establish a climate that is suitable for both sexes will never really be resolved. But, despite that heated debate, professionally installed heating systems in the workplace have many benefits.

1. The environment

Technology is ever evolving and heating systems are becoming more energy efficient. They can ensure a constant and comfortable temperature, reducing energy use, slashing utility costs and, most importantly, carbon footprint. Radiant heating is a popular choice when considering garden centre or greenhouse heating. Due to their versatility, they are also used for heating factories and warehouses.

2. Comfort

Warm air heating is a modern replacement for traditional water heating systems within commercial premises and forces air around the building. It works by pulling cold air from the building and pushing it across the heat exchanger. The cold air is heated via the fan and redistributed into the environment until an ambient temperature is achieved.

3. Efficiency

Combat HVAC Limited understands the importance of energy efficiency in the workplace. That’s why we provide Energy Saving Controls and Destratification fans to complement new industrial heating investment. Our energy saving fans improve efficiency by keeping valuable warm air down at working level. This reduces heat loss through the roof structures.

4. Silence is golden

The latest technology is extremely quiet. The systems may be working to the max, monitoring and responding to the environment, but you wouldn’t know it. Even when outside temperatures are at their most extreme, workers will be able to carry on their jobs undisturbed.

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