Industrial Heating Services & Solutions

Combat provide a wide range of Industrial Heating Services & Solutions to assist you with all of your HVAC requirements

The range of Industrial Heating Services & Solutions that we provide has been designed to meet the needs of our valued customers,  to ensure customer satisfaction every time.

Our specialist teams are trained to the highest standard and are knowledgeable on both previously manufactured products to our ErP compliant industrial heaters.

Site Surveys

Our Regional Sales Managers specialise in the understanding of how a building type can affect any proposed Industrial or Commercial Heating System. Upon attendance, our Sales Managers will gain an understanding of the operational needs and purpose of the equipment required for your industrial or commercial premises. They will gather information about your building and conduct a heat loss calculation to ascertain whether the most efficient heating solution for your building type would be radiant heaters or a warm air heating system.

Whatever your requirements, our Sales Managers hold the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a system that is suitable for your business.

System Design

The design of your industrial heating system could have an effect on the energy efficiency which in turn could benefit your business.

One of the Industrial Heating Services & Solutions we provide is an industrial or commercial heating system design.

Our teams offer a wealth of CAD estimating experience using Autocad DWG or PDF layout drawings

Our team utilises Autocad DWG or if required for larger projects, PDF layout drawings.


Prompt Turnaround on Estimations/Quotations.

Our team can provide a bespoke domestic UK and export supply only estimation and/or quotation on our Combat Warm Air Heaters and Radiant Heating Systems to suit your requirements.

For example, you may have a garden centre with a cafe which requires alternative heating solutions, or perhaps you require a warm air heating system for your auto body shop.

Our internal measurement for turnaround is two full working days, upon receipt of the relevant information to enable an accurate estimation and/or quotation.


The commissioning of your industrial heaters is the process of assuring that all systems and components are designed, installed, tested and operated, according to the operational requirements of the customer and to ensure that the equipment complies with any industry regulations. Combat Heating Solutions utilises safe contractor registered engineers to ensure the safety of your industrial and commercial heating equipment. 

Technical Services

Accurate and specialist technical advice.

Our professional teams hold a wealth of knowledge on all of our product lines from previously manufactured equipment to models that are currently produced with an inside view of various operational issues that can be faced within the field along with providing suggested solutions for Combat Warm Air Heaters and Radiant Heating Systems.  

Combat and Blackheat Spares

Spares for Combat Warm Air Heaters and Radiant Heating equipment are widely available. This includes spares for current models available and many previously manufactured models.