Combat and Blackheat spares

Combat and Blackheat Spares

Radiant and Combat Heater Spares from the Specialists

Do you need Combat heater spares? There’s only one thing worse than when your industrial heating system breaks down and that’s not being able to find the right part to replace it with. Fortunately, you can sit back and relax thanks to Combat HVAC Limited as we have a vast selection of spares to choose from.

Replacement parts for Combat Warm Air Heaters and Radiant Heating equipment are widely available. And this includes spares for current models as well as many previously manufactured models.

We are the place to come to for previous and existing Combat warm air cabinet heaters including the Classic, AG, POP, PGP, MGB and MOB cabinet heaters. In addition, we also provide spares for the previously manufactured models of our Combat suspended unit heaters, The CUHA/B/C and D to the currently manufactured CTUA/B/C and D, the CTC range of compact warm air unit heaters.

We supply spares for the Blackheat range of radiant heating systems, including the single and double linear, U-tube and multi-burner models of infrared heaters.

Whether it's a small component such as a HT lead, a heat exchanger or your fans and flues, Combat can assist you.

In addition, we provide spares for the CoRayVac, our bespoke design continuous radiant heating system.

We also offer many parts for Combat ECO condensing unit heaters and energy saving accessories, such as the Combat NRG controllers and Energy saving HVE fans.

Our sales and spares team are trained with the knowledge of our radiant and combat heater spares and are available via email, live chat or telephone ready to take your enquiry.

So if your product ever breaks down, don’t worry, give us a call on 0121 7261033 or email us and we will find the right part for you.

If you have an enquiry for new warm air heaters or radiant equipment, please contact your local sales manager.

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