It’s a new era for the heating industry with ErP update

It’s a new era for the heating industry with ErP update

2018 signals a new era for the commercial and industrial heating industry. Since January 1, Warm Air and Radiant Heating Products in the UK now have to be more efficient in order to adhere to new European regulation.

ErP (Energy Related Products) is part of the directive 2009/125/EC which aims to improve energy efficiency. Within this directive there are product groups (referred to as lots). Warm Air Heaters are subject to the Lot 21 directive. Radiant products are Lot 20.

Each lot provides the minimum requirement for product performance. Only once these requirements are met can the goods be sold.

So what does this mean?

Well, from now on, Warm Air Heaters must achieve a seasonal efficiency of 72%. This is a calculation based on air flow temperature rise, thermal efficiency and electrical power consumption.

Radiant heaters must achieve a rating of 74%.

Combat has been working hard over the past few months to produce new ranges of energy efficient products. These products will attain the new standards and provide an unsurpassed energy efficient solution.

This new directive sees a shift in how efficiency is measured. Traditionally heaters were measured on their use of gas or oil consumed. Now the amount of energy used by each component within the heater is measured.

Some people have asked whether all heaters will now be required to be condensed. The short answer is no. This is the first phase of the directive. The second part will come into effect in three years’ time. Efficiencies for 2021 will demand a heating system solution that will be condensing technology.

However, there are more imminent changes on the way. Starting in September, NOx levels must not exceed 100mg/kWh for gas-fired warm air heaters and 180mg/kWh for oil-fired warm arm heaters.

For more details on the changes to ErP visit our website where you can download a copy of the official legislation.

We look forward in continuing to serve our loyal customers with our exciting new range of highly efficient heating products, matched with our unrivalled customer service.