The tips and tricks of energy efficient warehouse heating

The tips and tricks of energy efficient warehouse heating

Heating a warehouse efficiently can be a tricky thing and there are many factors to consider when choosing a heating system. Warehouses are all unique and the tips and tricks of energy efficient warehouse heating begin by considering this uniqueness:


  1. Business activities – Some heating solutions are better suited to the products that are being stored at the warehouse, such as chemicals or food goods. If the warehouse spends plenty of time with loading bay doors open, then energy efficient warehouse heating is often best achieved with radiant heaters.
  2. Warehouse size – A warehouse that has a large amount of floor space may need a high heat output system, such as warm air heating.
  3. Space – If floor space is limited then a ceiling mounted warehouse heating system is advantageous.
  4. Zoning – If a warehouse has many separate zones, then a radiant heating system can be designed to accommodate these.


In many cases, energy efficient warehouse heating can be attained through using energy saving accessories. This includes destratification fans that redirect the rising warm air back downwards, heating the working area of the warehouse and stopping heat escaping through the roof.


An effective heating controller is another accessory that will make your warehouse heating more energy efficient:


Combat NRG Controller


The Combat NRG Controller efficiently controls warm air heaters and radiant heaters. One Combat NRG Controller is used to control the heaters in one individual zone of the warehouse. When more zones exist, the controllers can be linked together to form a network.


So, how does the Combat NRG Controller make warehouse heating more energy efficient?


Firstly, the controller varies the heating start-up time. This means that the controller will bring the temperature of the warehouse precisely up to temperature, for the beginning of the working shift and it’s programmed on time.


When controllers are linked to together in a network, the warehouse heating system operates as a full Building Management System (BMS), reducing wasted energy. The Combat NRG Controller can be used to check the operating times, status and temperatures of all controllers, from one location.


The programming features can be protected by a system security code. This means that only authorised users can change the programming, which stops members of the workforce from increasing the temperature of the warehouse when it’s not needed and hence wasteful.


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