Winter factory heaters – when, where and how radiant heaters should be implemented

Winter factory heaters – when, where and how radiant heaters should be implemented

With winter approaching, many factories are beginning to look for a new heater installation. Factories are assessing their existing factory heaters, in order to save on heating costs and increase employee comfort, while being as environmentally friendly as possible.


Today, we take a look at factory heaters and highlight when, where and how radiant heaters are the right choice for fulfilling these goals.


When, where and how radiant heaters work


Radiant heaters work best when the factory is subjected to the outside environment regularly, such as through the opening of pedestrian and vehicle doors. The most common cause of this happens when loading and offloading takes place using fork lift trucks.


Radiant winter factory heaters work well here because there is a reduced recovery time, when the door closes. This is due to the way that radiant heaters work. When operating, radiant heaters warm people and objects, such as factory machines, which then become heat reservoirs.


Although much of the warm air has been lost, when the doors are closed these heat reservoirs quickly release heat, in order to bring the factory temperature back up.


Radiant heaters are convenient because they can be ceiling hung, at up to a height of 24 metres. This puts them in a place where they are out of the way of cranes and fork lift trucks, while also saving floor space.


Both small and large factories can benefit from this type of winter factory heaters, with differing sizes and heating outputs readily available.


Blackheat radiant heaters


Blackheat radiant heaters from Combat HVAC give factories a more even heat distribution, with a uniform tube temperature and special vacuum design. Supplied in straight or L shaped u-tube configurations, these winter factory heating units save factories money, in a number of different ways:


  • Low running costs – The running costs and fuel consumption are kept low with high efficiency aluminium reflectors. These direct the heat to where it’s needed and the wider reflective surface removes bounce back.
  • Reduced wiring costs – With the burner and fan located in close proximity to each other, wiring costs are reduced.
  • Longer lifespan – High quality and durable parts, such as the heat treated aluminised tube, ensures that the radiant heaters have a long trouble free life.


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